We are one

April 9, 2009
By Anonymous

Global warming everyone says,
But do most people do anything?
No, they only speak and just think
That others around them will do something.

This world of billions is united,
Yet at the same time so divided;
What we think and how we feel,
What we believe and what is real.

Everyone says they don’t have time,
This schedule we are bound to for infinity;
The path we cannot stray from like a rhyme.
And here I try but cannot deny:

We are who we are, as individuals,
But nothing can change that we are one;
We make the world with our talents, which everyone has no matter what they say.

At this time now, when nature is fading,
I write what I believe is true for this world.
This world of billions of unique people
Can change what lies before us now.

We are facing a river on that path,
And now we must come together
And build a bridge to the other side
And cross this raging river of wrath.

We are one and we are billions,
Still we can change the world,
Face our problems as a people,
And make a difference little by little.

And here is my difference in telling you,
What we can do as a giant crew.

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