The Distance of a Memory

April 9, 2009
By kelsey kirkland BRONZE, Waddy, Kentucky
kelsey kirkland BRONZE, Waddy, Kentucky
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In the monotonous yellow I face everyday.
Into the portal of nature.

My mind,
Meandering through the realms of thought
Moving by me in a hurried blur.
A memory,
The past coming back to haunt me.
A feeling
Of nostalgia overwhelms my being.
A scene,
Playing out like a movie in my mind.
Smiling, lips parted,
White glinting in the sun.
Sharing a moment,
Heads tossed back in laughter.
A tender moment,
Peals of laughter die away leaving only us.
Reflecting the deep brown of the windows to your soul.
A cool breeze lifts my hair,
Your hand brushing against my warm cheek.
Stroking, lips to lips,
Pouring our very souls into each other in a Lover’s Rhythm.
A moment,
Frozen in the depth of time.
I look away.
The accursed spell is broken.
Closing my eyes and myself,
Wincing at the pain of the memory.
Alas it is all but over now.
I count the stars,
The owl of time flies from its perch on my shoulder and circles in the sky.
Tears, flowing steadily,
Spilling into the crevices of my broken heart.
“Sorrow becomes you.”
The owl and the stars cry out.
I yield to the feeling,
My heart lets out a dying scream.
Then all is silent,
And all I hear is the beating of wings.
“It’s pretty to thing so.”
A voice within me replies.

The author's comments:
This is a poem I wrote about myself and a past love and the feelings I still have for him and my realization that the love I was writing about was in the past and in the past it would stay.

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