Built From Fabric

April 9, 2009
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Vision is a punished child
Things that are taught from backlash
And reality is composed of Van Gogh's.
What more is vision than a punished child?
A smudged spirit,
And to the eyes of nothing,
The creators of nothing exist only within themselves.
So the bear crawls out from his cage
And sees only what he sees
The unexisting adjective
And the incorrect descriptory word.
What's correct English, the bear asks his teacher,
If English isn't correct?
His teacher responds:
The fear is in your heart and in your mind.
We do exist,
And therefore everything else exists in completeness and absolution.
The native tongue of reality has been lost in translation
And there is none.
The color drains from our eyes and falls onto the ground
And begins to construct
Placing steel girders under the land,
Which small working men clambor up to paint the earth with the color of our eyes.
And so we live in an uncertain universe.
Are we equipped for reality?
No one knows.
Whatever you have no control over, build ontop of it.
Control it.
Make it your own.
That's the philosophy.
We'll build an empire of knowledge on top of the village of actuality.
Forever and ever it will grow.
Ever larger and ever expanding.
Until we expand to our capacity
And die.
The bear nodded his head in a created emotion,
And turned on his heel.
But then the teacher stops him and says,
Imagination is necessary in this world
Else we would be nothing.
Keep that in mind as you go home, bear.
Imagination is necessary.
Creation is necessary.
Or else there's nothing.
Keep that in mind, bear.
Keep it in mind.

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