My Pen Bleeds

April 9, 2009
By Monica Berhe BRONZE, Rochester, New York
Monica Berhe BRONZE, Rochester, New York
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Poetry has always been a part of me
words have so much intensity
not about the
but the density I live for this
so as my brain feeds
My pen bleeds

My pen bleeds
like the rapture
it grabs you up and entangles your mind
in my rhyme and every single time
it implants a lyrical seed and as you read
you can't seem to take your eyes of the page
mentally your mind is engaged
on fire from my rhythmical rage
and as my brain feeds
My pen bleeds

My pen bleeds for those who have
gone before me
some recognized, others chastised
To those gone into a world of obscurity
let my words be your security
to protect but never neglect
sometimes hard to define
just a little bit suspect
but I defend thee so I’ll always object
to those who choose to hate an art form so great
to none can equate
the word poetry
often up for debate
but wait.....
they fail to see that life is poetry
poetry is the opposite of silence
when there is no sound
all knowing and seeking
always growing
so there can be no true definition
no terms and conditions
so as I continue to say in repetition
as my brain feeds
My pen bleeds

My pen bleeds
for that little girl
stuck in the world
where love is not in the equation
I pray that poetry
can be her way out
instead of falling under that boy's persuasion

My pen bleeds
for that little boy
growing up where
violence raids the streets
let poetry be his way
to release the frustration
be able to use his words
not his hands during an intense situation

My pen bleeds
for the ghetto, the projects, the slums, the hood
the suburbs, the lower middle and upper classes
for those who drink 40s
or wine out the champagne glasses
for those intellectual
Let my poetry be a light
for anyone who can grasp it

What is poetry?
so I ask it
With the same tongue I speak
is that outlet that lost people seek
muscle for the weak
and extra protection for the strong
who are we to challenge
this beautifully given gift
who cares what's right or wrong
My poetry
I only pray that they can they would finally see
Your definition is universal
let this line intersect
the rest of this rhyme
like transversal........
but unlike a rehearsal....
I won't continue to say this over and over
let the words speak on its own
I only pray that like a phone
you wont be disconnected
Poetry never neglect it
Poetry is here to stay
so you must accept it
and for those who may not understand
exactly how I feel
may it engulf you until you have no choice
and no longer resist
and maybe one day
feel the same way
and as I persist...
let me end this
the same way that I began know that for
Poetry I will always stand
So even if you don't exactly agree
it has and will always be
and as my mind feeds......
My Pen Still Bleeds!

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on May. 3 2009 at 6:38 pm
Love_Kills_the_Blind PLATINUM, Fort Collins, Colorado
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Favorite Quote:
"Never regret anything, at one point its exactly what you wanted."

i love the figuratism of the pen is a new twist i think was briliant! 6 out of 5!!!

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