Hello World My Name Is Death

April 9, 2009
By 59294 BRONZE, Irvine, Kentucky
59294 BRONZE, Irvine, Kentucky
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I stared at my victim,
Then at my next prey,
Two were to die,
On this very day,

I hunt down those,
Who have lived their time,
Their lives and their souls,
Will be mine,

I hide in the shadows,
Behind every door,
Round every corner,
Under every floor,

I’m waiting for you,
For when you take your last breath,
Hello world,
My name is death,

I come from the abyss,
Hide in the dark,
Once taking aim,
Never missing my mark,

As time passes,
More souls I take,
They fall asleep,
They never wake,

It is in these times,
My work gets tough,
Even a plague,
Would not be enough,

I take who I can,
People of fame,
Religious officials,
Drowned in their shame,

People suffer as I take,
People cry in pain,
People run in fear,
And people die in vain,

These times are tough,
Many people pass,
Whether be a tyrant,
Or a young lass,

In these times I cry,
For those who have to die,
I may never try,
But I always ask why,

Medical Science,
A man in a cape,
Neither of these,
Will help you escape,

I’ll give you this,
I am not fun,
You can accept it or hide,
But you can never run,

Life is short,
Shorter with ,
I am inevitable,
My name is death,

Life is a gamble,
Some call it a sin,
No matter how you play your cards,
I will always win,

Since life is a gamble,
You cannot win,
Since life is short,
Why not go all in,

I am what I am,
One day we will meet,
But like every other game,
I you can cheat.


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This article has 1 comment.

Kayla said...
on Feb. 26 2010 at 12:33 am
Aaron, I really like this(:

You're ahmazing.

-Kayla Wolpert


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