April 8, 2009
By Brandon.G BRONZE, Fontana, California
Brandon.G BRONZE, Fontana, California
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Pain is nevertheless something which faces inevitability.

Not For Just One Person, But For Us All

Pain is the strain in your neck..

Dealing With Consequence Is A Given, But Dealing With Pain Is Something More

Pain is the stab within your Heart..

How We Hide Our Pain Isn't Unique Nor Complex, It All Takes Nothing But A Fixed Smile Of Jaded Happiness. Something We Can All Relish For, This "Smile" Is For Show

Pain are the tears running down your cheeks..

This Midnight Show, Which Is Best At Fixating Ourselves And Everyone Else That Everything Is Alright

Pain follows us within the gaze of our eyes..

Nothing Is Alright..Everythings Crumbling Around You...Everyones Leaving You Behind...No Ones Listening...No Ones Hearing You...No One Can See You...The Darkness Is Pressing Upon You, Sweeping You To Your Hands And Knees..

Pain trips us for every step we walk..

You Tilt Your Head To The Heavens, And Plead For A Savior...But No One Comes To Rescue You From Your Problems...No One Cares

Pain is motivating

Pain is considering

Pain is horrible

The One Thing Pain Does Best, Is Encourage You..

Encourage You To Rise Upon Your Feet..

Encourage You To Fight Its Power Over You..

Encourage You To Dismantle The Depression It Has Over You..

Pain Has A Habit Of Pulling Us Down So Low And Brittle, But In Return Brings Us A Sense Of Ideal Self-Reliance To Push Up Higher Than Ever Before..

For Us To Break Light Into Our Lives.

For Us To Disrupt The Chaos Of Our Lives.

For Us To Fight The Dismay Within Our Souls.

Love Is Warming, But Pain Is Giving.

Pain Gives Us What We Need Most.

Pain Gives Our Heart The Power To Endure...

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Dirty Dan said...
on Apr. 28 2009 at 1:37 am

fariha786 said...
on Apr. 25 2009 at 11:16 pm
itss beautifull!!! <3 u babii


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