My Heartbreak

April 8, 2009
By meinefoxi BRONZE, Littleton, Colorado
meinefoxi BRONZE, Littleton, Colorado
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My best friend
My unrequited love
All that I went through
All that I thought I knew
Is all falling away
Why didn't you stay?

The others that came before
I've forgotten
I've forgiven
But you were the one
I just want to run
I just want to stay
Why won't you go away?

I can't forget
I can't forgive
I can't even remember
How I lived
I said things
I never should say
I gave you my all
You let me fall

Even as we go on
Watch each other move on
I will always love you
And I hope you do too
So here's what I have left
To promise to you

I'll be there
In the middle of the night
When you cry
Because you have no one left
I'll be there
When you lose the light
When you want to die
Because you're scared
I'll be there

I'll be the best friend you have
I'll never leave you
Not even if I want to
You can beat me till I bleed
You can kick me to the curb
You can laugh to all your friends
Tell them what I said
Push me away, everyday
And I'll be there
Like the moon in the night sky
I'll be there
I'll be there

The author's comments:
This poem was written for and dedicated to my ex-boyfriend and best friend.

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