April 19, 2009
By Natasha Applegate BRONZE, Broken Arrow, Oklahoma
Natasha Applegate BRONZE, Broken Arrow, Oklahoma
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no one knows the intention
the photographer forgot to mention
a picture is worth a thousand words
which ones will be heard?

models catch a few of the words
but when are they heard?
viewers hear different things
different each time, an eagle spreads his wings

each photo has a meaning, a reason, a cause
a movement can change the meaning
follow the eyes of the subject
for there could lie a warning

to capture memories, to tell a story
to a young child named cory
photos paint a mental image
or even a show, who won a scrimmage

location can be on purpose
or coincedental I suppose
a mystery can be defined
or a story untwined

a photo is seen through many eyes
each one gratifies
the soul purpose in which the photo
was not just a memory of the past

fashion loves photograhpy
photography loves fashion
our culture thrives on beauty
photographed for all to see

graphics harsh or plain
tell a story all the same
bringing either comfort or joy
or grief or loss or confusion

a photot can inspire a generation
to begin a needed revolution
to impact the world
as never before

a 'flash from the past'
or a 'snapshot of my life'
pictures are often called
but still, they are messages

they say so many things, these photos
like this is in and that is out
dont wear burberry with D&G
always wear heels to Hollywood

never blend in always blend out
do what I say do as I dont
you should look like me
and I should look like you

I call photograhpy beautiful
influencing, captivating, different
it is not always wanted
but always viewed, criticized, and loved

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