April 19, 2009
By Anonymous

You used to get jealous when he talked about past girlfriends or even friends who are girls. Now you flirt with other guys when he’s around just so he gets jealous.

You used to look at his picture constantly. Now you have taken down all of the pictures of him you had up.

When you used to text and he said goodbye, you still missed him, even though it was just two minutes ago. Now when you want to text him, you know you can’t.

You used to read his texts over and over again. Now you’ve deleted all the texts he sent you that you saved.

You used to walk really slowly when you were with him. Now you walk with a swing when you know he’s behind you.

You used to feel shy whenever he was around. Now you feel like crying whenever he’s around.

When you used to think about him, your heart beat faster but slower at the same time. Now each time you think about him, your heart breaks a little more.

You used to smile when you heard his voice. Now you cry when you hear it.

When you used to look at him, you couldn’t see the other people around you, you just saw him. Now you try not to look at him even though you really want to.

You used to smile just thinking of him. Now you cry just thinking of him.

He’s all you used to think about. Now, well, he’s still all you think about.

You used to get high just from his scent. Now you don’t get close enough to smell him.

You used to smile when you were looking at him. Now you still smile, but behind it, you’re heart is breaking.

You used to be willing to do anything for him! Now you still are even though he broke your heart.

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