March 29, 2009
Some say it gets you nowhere,
Oh, how those people are wrong,
They think flirts are flusies,
Which I cannot deny,
That can be true,
But only if you have to try,
And overdo it when you do,
But as for those natural flirts,
One's like myself, can't help it,
If just come and you can't stop,
We know that you get,
Exactly what you want,
If, that is,
You play your cards right,
We know how to use our powers,
Of flirtiness,
and cuteness,
Without abusing them,
And hurting people's hearts,
Flirting's what I do,
And a flirt is what I am.

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Natalie B. said...
Apr. 26, 2009 at 10:57 pm
Ya Emo Kittie, stick to 'em!!!!!
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