I'm A Mess

March 29, 2009
By Bethany Surrett SILVER, Heflin, Alabama
Bethany Surrett SILVER, Heflin, Alabama
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i hope you know i always loved you
even though it's something i hardly said
i tried to show it through,
through all the things i always did.

i keep you deep inside my heart
you use to be the missing piece
now i don't think i've ever been so happy
to know that you're over there missing me.

i guess you could say i'm a little lonely
but your voice makes me so damn warm
please don't take your words back
i've learned your good intentions can be filled with harm.

i hate that i'm sitting alone now
wish i could still call that hotel home
i hate that you're miles away now
you're too many miles from gone.

the days could go by a little faster,
but my tension can't seem to break
i went from bliss to being a disaster
and it's my soul that's left to ache.

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