Abandon Town

March 29, 2009
I am an eleven-year-old orphan.
I am the outcast on the street.
I am the child collecting money at your feet.
I am the boy with no where to go.
I am the girl whose been branded a ho.
I am the musty clothes.
I am the broken soles.
I am the many ripped holes.
I am the grime and dirt on this shirt.
I am the skirt thats been torn.
I am the smell of sweaty shoes.
I am ripped and over used.
I am the mattress with stains that have no names.
I am the broken down bed.
I am the blood on their head.
I am the slices an their faces.
I am the child with no one to hold.
I am the eyes flooded with tears.
I am her cuts by shears.
I am the orphan crying in crystal snow.
I am the boy with no place to call my own.
I am their souls taken apart.
I am the cries of their broken heart.
I am the unwanted with no food to eat.
I am the cold soup they're forced to feast.
I am the stone bread.
I am a girl who died out of fright.
I am still afraid of the night.
I am the broken light.
I am the leaking ceiling.
I am the rat littered flooring.
I am the cracks in the wall.
I am the cold feet.
I am the thin sheet.
I am the moaning down the hall.
I am abandoned.
I am battered.
I am a standard orphan.
I am nothing but a tax issue.
I am simply a used tissue.
I am an eleven-year-old orphan.

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