March 29, 2009
By Zombie SILVER, Woodbridge, Virginia
Zombie SILVER, Woodbridge, Virginia
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cough the bitter anger that i hold inside for her sake
the bitter tears that are only of the side of a selfish joke
i laugh for the exchange of words
and accusation of fraud- the false idea that is my composition.
it's a rodent- crawling and biting to climb up my skin-
the bare skin that has been tarnished with a rust that molds the foundation
for the bitter anger- the bitter tears.
it's random regret-
that denial will overcome sometime later
and it will only remain a thought until it has cleared itself with worse.
I cough it
get rid of it-
this cold will bring something new
an ending to a hardship that was so easily overcome
common colds uncommonly solve common issues
and I'll hold my alliteration to myself with laughter
for her sake.

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