The Gray of the Sky

March 28, 2009
The gray of the sky
Seen out of the corner of your eye
Dictates your every move,
Candidly states what's right.

Without whispering a word
Or mentioning a place
It tells you where to go
What to do and where to stay.

No more wondering
The gray of the sky
Is your guardian angel
In the form of a lightning storm.

He is there for you
Until the wind sweeps him away
And he is replaced by
The hazardous sunshine.

Oh in a world so bright
We're left to wonder
Why darkness is celebrated
And tomorrow is ignored.

The gray of the sky
Is fading away (like it always does),
Replaced by an ashen yellow;
So ashen it isn't ashen at all.

It is a faded memory
Scattered across the ground
In shards of glass
From the smashed beer bottle
Your step-father threw at your head.

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