Kissing Life Goodbye

March 28, 2009
By xXTearsxOfxLunaXx BRONZE, Longmont, Colorado
xXTearsxOfxLunaXx BRONZE, Longmont, Colorado
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Scissors break
(thump, thump, thump)
Through innocent flesh.
She bleeds,
Inside and out;
Screaming for mercy,
She screams for help, but no one hears.
Help does not come.
She kicks, bites, punches,
But to no avail.
She grows weaker with every agonizing second;
Every torturing hour.
And she closes her eyes,
Closes her mind;
Dying now;
Kissing life on the cheek
Kissing life goodbye.

The author's comments:
I'd just like to say, that, no, this is not about a real person. So many people have asked me that in the past. It was actually inspired by a particularly good episode of Law And Order: Criminal Intent. Please don't freak out. It's just something that sort of... came to me.

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This article has 3 comments.

Anjo! SILVER said...
on Sep. 12 2009 at 7:41 pm
Anjo! SILVER, Roseburg, Oregon
6 articles 0 photos 212 comments
ps- and i know what you mean when it just came to you.. the first time something just came to me it freaked me out, but now im used to it and its awesome =]

Anjo! SILVER said...
on Sep. 12 2009 at 7:40 pm
Anjo! SILVER, Roseburg, Oregon
6 articles 0 photos 212 comments
Woah, girl.. this is DEEP!! that is freaking awesome though, i cant wait to read more!

EdytD SILVER said...
on Apr. 30 2009 at 9:22 pm
EdytD SILVER, Livingston, New Jersey
6 articles 0 photos 258 comments
I actually really liked this - you have great graphic imagery and sense of flow. The only thing I would personally change are the lines about the kicking and screaming - if you instead compared it or described her angst instead of telling us about it, it would make the poem very powerful.


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