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March 28, 2009
By Carrie Chan BRONZE, Bklyn, New York
Carrie Chan BRONZE, Bklyn, New York
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Fast Forward
When we’re young we tend to fast forward,
Wondering what it’s like to grow up
Gently sampling mama’s makeup,
And trying on her laced gown adorned with stars
Drawing a moustache on our faces and
Trying to act tough, drinking milk because
We want to be just as strong just as great
As the heroes who live in our admiration
We tried to reach great heights, standing up on
The monkey bars, building momentum on the swings
Trying to touch the endless sky,
Wonderful colors of solemn blue, energetic red,
Ambitious yellow and mysterious purple
Full of dreams, not yet fulfilled, like a glass bottle, empty
Void of the rustling of a thousand of paper cranes,
On top of the slide, we realize just how
small we are, under the glorious suns
But then temptation and naivety rushes through us, as
We forget about the significance of growing older,
We let ourselves go, down the slides
There was the folding of a thousand paper cranes
We’re always running, never having to look back
Because all we’ll have to miss is a day’s fun gone
At this moment, like the kite, loved by the eastern wind
We showed no signs of coming down, no signals to
Signify a stop
Arms held high embracing air, smiles not yet faltered
By looming storms,
we’re dancing with the world
In a fast paced waltz
Sadly our energy is taken away by the journey,
Unbeknownst to us
The song also began to loose its tempo,
Quietly coming to a stop,
When we’re older, we tend to miss the younger days
Looking back at the memories,
It all comes back to us, broken, a stilled slideshow
Flashing images, where stories connect
Like the Autumn days, the once radiant brilliance have
Started to leave us, falling off like leaves, colors of a setting sun
I guess life will soon set on us, but we’re still here waiting for dawn
Flipping the pages of the book, a well constructed autobiography,
We’re almost near the end.
We loosened our grip on the jar of cranes
And watch it, the embodiment of our spirit
shatter itself upon impact with the ground
The fragmented pieces resounds like the sheltered laughter of children
As the glass shards, radiant like a million stars
danced ferociously on the tattered floor,
the cranes too seem to flutter in its lifeless form
Blossoming into flowers, to dazzle the night sky

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