Loving Out Loud

April 13, 2009
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The mornings grace awoke me with welcomed alterations;
I shed my skin and saw through your eyes.
all my perceptions aligned with all I dreamt to someday possess,
and if merely for only a second, pain was inexistent.
It was then I saw your hand

And the clouds, they moved in such wondrous ways,
Gently embracing my heart;
Bearing all I needed to let go.
A feeling of security fell upon me.
It was then I saw your hand

In a sea of strangers,
Home was felt without hesitation.
I gently slipped into you guiding ways,
Eliminating the possibility of replacement for such feelings.

It was then I no longer saw you hand.

For on that very day,
I made a decision to reach
and to embrace your welcoming presences with everlasting love

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