I'm trying to convince myself

April 12, 2009
By Angela Smith BRONZE, New Market, Alabama
Angela Smith BRONZE, New Market, Alabama
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Get over him
Those few simple words seem impossible
Every time I try I just seem to fall deeper
I tell myself we will never be together
That he will never feel the same way I do
My feelings are far too strong and far too real
I wish I could just make them disappear
I’m not used to feeling this way about one guy,
One guy that I hardly know
I don’t see how I can like him for so much
But it’s been more then a year
And my feelings haven’t went or faded at all
Its too scary knowing that if I gave him my heart,
Which I am so very close to doing,
That he could smash it into a million pieces
And just walk away while I shatter as well
I’m trying to convince myself to get over him
To just walk away from these feelings, these thoughts
I’ve never been a quitter
I’ve never backed down from a challenge
Except when it comes to him
Why can’t I just admit my feelings?
Show him how I feel, the way I want to
I’m sure one kiss would make him understand
Understand the passion behind my blue eyes
I want to touch his muscles, every part of him
I’m willing to bet I could stare into his eyes forever
I need to feel the tenderness and love in his kiss
But all those things are just my wants and dreams
And will never become a reality
I’m trying to convince myself to get over him
But it’s very hard, and his chocolate brown eyes aren’t helping.

The author's comments:
My insperation is quite obviouse, I have likes a guy for a while now and whish to get over him, yet i can't find myself to do so.

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