Tomorrow, Not Today

April 12, 2009
Someday I’ll discover the cure to cancer
Someday I’ll belt songs on a Broadway stage

These dreams we have are so real for tomorrow
But we can’t work for them today.

I’ll write the next great novel
I’ll write songs for a stage

All these projects we reserve for the future
But don’t imagine starting right away.

Why do we keep waiting?
Why are our decisions always safe?

Why is it that when we want to act
We end up in an office instead?

Who are we to dream
When we know there is not chance of success?

We use probability to define our decisions
And probability limits our experiences.

Go ahead and be a Yes Man
And try things you actually want to do.

Today you need to find cancer’s cure
And today you’ll stop walking life’s safe road.

By tomorrow, it will be done.

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