My Ugly Frog

April 12, 2009
You've done this to me.
All the mascara I had on is running down my cheeks.
My swollen eyes and runny nose.
Yup, hunni, it's all your fault.
I thought I was a princess and you were my prince.
But this isn't a fairytale,
just a stupid horror film playing over and over.
You are the monster I'm running away from.
I'm tired of running but I can't stop.
Then I remember who you are and what you've done.
I turn around and you stop, confused.
I'm not afraid of you, you are just a wimp.
You can't hurt my anymore than you already have.
So do your still stare.
Then I realize I'm better than this.
That I don't need to be wasting my words, my life, my everything, on you.
You aren't my prince, you're my ugly frog that comes beofre him.
My prince will come along .
I will be happy again,
so you can stop pretending to feel guilty.

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