Better Than Nice

April 12, 2009
By Chocolatecherries GOLD, Clarksville, Arkansas
Chocolatecherries GOLD, Clarksville, Arkansas
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It would be nice to see his face again.
Hold his hand and walk down the road.
Cuddle with him when I'm cold.

It would be nice to rest my head on his chest again.
Listen to his heart beat.
Kiss his cute lips and giggle when he asks "what was that for?"

It would be nice if he looked over in my direction.
Have him smile at me.
Look up at him with my cute smile and little glimmer in my eyes.

Now these days things are better than nice.

I see his face everyday, even if it is just imagination.
He doesn't hold my hand, he wraps his arms around me.
We do cuddle when I"m cold, and when we want comfort.

I rest my head on his chest every night before I go to sleep.
Listen to his heart, and smile when it skips faster.
Kiss his cute lips, but he knows that I do it 'cause I love him.

He looks at me all the time, like I"m the only one on the planet.
His constant smile only turns into a frown when I get hurt.
I love looking up at him with my cute smile and glimmer in my eyes,
it makes him kiss my forehead. :)

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