The Life of a Human

April 12, 2009
By Jesselissa SILVER, Reynolds, Illinois
Jesselissa SILVER, Reynolds, Illinois
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sign of love

sign of hate

sign of life

its our fate

we all live

we all die

we all laugh

we all cry

simple thoughts

simple words

barking dogs

chirping birds

call me good

call me bad

call me sweet

call me sad

sometimes you

sometimes me

sometimes us

we will see

complex thoughts

complex words

silent dogs

silent birds

future lost

unknown past

wicked things

coming fast

wrong is right

right is wrong

hold me tight

we are strong

show me joy

show me pain

show me sun

show me rain

we are safe

we are sound

i am lost

you are found

rule the day

rule the night

fate has come

we will fight

confuse thoughts

confuse words

chirping dogs

barking birds

moon above

mocks us so

darkened day

i wont go

wish i may

hope i might

battle now

for the light

such a thing

such a time

such a hurt

such a crime

freedom slips

always near

escapes now

in a tear

how we are

how we were

love is true

love is sure

gone are thoughts

gone are words

goodbye dogs

goodbye birds

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