April 11, 2009
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From underneath the counter tops,
level with my desktop,
stand the eyes of the world.
Pure, untouched, invincible.

Pale blue eyes search

From flowing winds on yellow swings,
and hands that grasp rugged shorty's matted doggy ears
sit the eyes of the world.
Content, indulged, blissful

Pale blue eyes imagine

and from underneath a blanket of Eeyore's
and car seats of backseats
sleep the eyes of the world.
Musing, eased, peaceful

Pale blue eyes rest.

From the floor to the air and a jump to my arms,
a Hollywood kiss on the check,
stand the eyes of the world.
Enthused, lively, blessed

Pale blue eyes love.

And from birth day to birthdays,
each sunrise and each sunset,
grow the eyes of the world.
Seeking, thriving, welcoming

Pale blue eyes learn.

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