This Is Our Worlds, These Are Our Dreams

April 11, 2009
By jamiew20 SILVER, Lachine, Other
jamiew20 SILVER, Lachine, Other
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Our dreams are shattered like glass,
in this world time will pass,
our dreams, we hope, we pray,
that we might make it some day.

This is our world,
These are our dreams,
These dreams are broken down,
These broken dreams not found.

And now there's no hope,
when our dreams have been broke,
and this time we can't take it anymore,
our dreams wash up on the shore,
forgotten and damaged just like us,
or dreams, they are no more.

There is no one here to help,
our dreams will slowly fade or melt,
they float away into the air,
I hope someday someone will care,
about us and our broken dreams,
this world does not hear our tragic screams,
as we cry tears of pain,
our dreams go unnoticed,
down the drain.

And this is a world we cannot control,
our hopes and dreams will go untold,
and now the months and days go by,
we can see them floating by,
these many abandoned dreams of ours,
they are always just out of reach,
they lie among the stars.

And now what are we?
Left here,
Nothing to hope for,
Nothing to gain,
Nothing that we can ever attain.
Will no one hear our cries of pain?
As these dreams go unheard.

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