Nothing left

April 11, 2009
By AshleyCullen BRONZE, Fergus, Other
AshleyCullen BRONZE, Fergus, Other
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When there’s nothing left to do,
And nothing left to say,
Just know that I’ll be waiting,
To help you find a way.

A way to get through all the pain,
A way to help you cope.
A way to find light in this tunnel,
But mostly,
A way that gives you hope.

Because I know there is a light,
I know there is a way.
To get spread your story,
And make people listen to what you say.

You don’t need to hurt yourself,
You don’t need to cry.
You just need to believe,
And you just have to try.

Believe that people care for you,
And know that you are loved,
And don’t worry about those people,
Who like to kick and shove.

The one’s who kicked when you were down,
The one’s who make you feel bad,
Cause all of them are probably,
Feeling really sad.

Sad that there’s no one there for them,
To hold them while they cry.
And sad no one’s there , holding their hand,
Through the rough patches in life.

So when there’s nothing left to do,
And there’s no more you can say.
Just remember I’ll always be waiting here,
So you can find a way.

The author's comments:
When i wrote this poem, one of my best friends just lost her grandpa, and she became suicidal.
I went to her house one day, and seen her arms, covered in cuts. I sat down right there, on her bedroom floor, and wrote this poem. And then I showed it to her. I guess she got the message, because she stopped cutting, and i am proud to say : She hasn't intentionally harmed herself since !

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