Sticks and Stones

April 11, 2009
By Beccaaaa BRONZE, Cambridge, Other
Beccaaaa BRONZE, Cambridge, Other
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You always told me not to run with scissors
Told me i would get hurt
said you never needed to see my cry
but here we are, you left me in the dirt

If you cared like you said you did,
then you wouldn't have seen me in pain
but all the lies you told to me
left you good attempts in vain

the locked doors
the stupid fights
the words of hatred
and the endless nights

you said you'd make it better
said you'd stop all the lies
i don't think i can ever believe you
so these are our goodbyes

you thought i could never fall,
thought i could never break,
thought all the words would fade away
instead of keeping me away

You always told me not to run with scissors
told me to turrn my back to those who hurt me
have you not realized that you're one of those
who my back is turned towards,,

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