No name

April 11, 2009
A fire's dancing in the dark

A long borderline spread from a tiny spark

Your over there; I'm over here

We're both shouting words that we can't hear

There's no way around it

This burning line goes on and on
The only way to get to you 's to go through the flame

Who's gonna cross first and who's to blame

I don't wanna risk all for this big time game

This blazing danger illuminates the sky

You believe if I don't cross my love's a lie

I'm sorry if your idea of love means we gotta die

Is that what this is; examine my feelings under a microscope

Is it a trick, a trap or are we on the same boat?

Is it love passion or something else

That's driving us to cut our safety ropes

Maybe we should both jump together; we're not alone

That ending seems to have a melancholy undertone

Our last kiss might not even be ours

If we cross and together take our last breathe

We might as well accept the fatal kiss of death

Maybe you want to be romeo but I'm not Juliet

And I'm not dying for you

I'm not ready yet

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