April 11, 2009
By JeSiCa_LoVes_YoU BRONZE, Milton, Florida
JeSiCa_LoVes_YoU BRONZE, Milton, Florida
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I stand here looking at the ground.
Should I have said no?
Who cares if I take another puff.
The smoke fills my mouth,
and seeps down my throat.
Its an incredible feeling,
but I hope I don't choke.
As I let out the smoke,
I let it fills the air.
Clearing my mind,
with a strange blank stare.
I stumble and trip over some rocks,
they come to get me as soon as I plop.

Now that I'm done,
I try to forget.
Why do I even do it?
Is all that I thought.

I am sick of the way it makes me feel,
I want to be normal,
I won't even drink beer.
I will push all aside,
even though it happened.
I know what I did, and I know it was wrong.
So now I am done,
But for how long?

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