The Wise Man

April 11, 2009
By basicallyonfirex BRONZE, Milltown, New Jersey
basicallyonfirex BRONZE, Milltown, New Jersey
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I remembered that day
When the wise man i knew, i knew.
But had never seen before
He came to me and bowed
My flesh ripped and torn
But he didnt mind
He didnt notice really.
He just came to me like a friend
And led me on my journey

He told me
"Child its your time. Go off into the darkness and fly. Your free to soar with these strong wings ive given you. But when you take a breath, a single slip of air into your esophagus. I wont let you fly no more. Go child, you will soar."

I smiled at him
But was confused by the mans strange statement.
My back was tired and bruised
No wings were given.
But i went as i was told.
To the darkest place this land could hold.
And as i stood there, on the earths hard gravel.
And I repeated the wise man's words
over and over
I knew. I knew.
The rush of the winds, the confusion of the thoughts of humans. The violence. The deep pain of loss. The waves crashing on the sands scared surface. The pollution. It all became clear. I took once last breath of what was, and pictured what will become. I smiled. The end is near.
I flew. I flew.

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