No Name

April 11, 2009
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No Name

The wind howls,

needles quickly scurry down my spine.

The arctic chill

of the midnight's wind chime laughter.

Lord, give us vision

through the nighttime's jet black shroud

With the warmth and prosperity in tow

of a crackling hearth.

The treetops swap throughout this night

just like every night.

And every night those trees will sway,

a waving gesture to you and me.

But take a glance above those trees,

the armada of clouds above,

A gray white blanket marches along the night

speeding by at its furious pace.

These clouds soon fly over the diamond eyed moon itself,

a crescent sliver now in their wake.

A desperate cough escapes my throat

clinging to the sides, climbing out my mouth.

My whole body aches,

arms and legs, a spasm in unison.

Those pearl white eyes of a thousand stars

shed a milky tear to my discomfort.

But a thousand years could pass and go

and I would never know their names.

A gale of wind returns

torrential in full force!

Those clouds split up, flee in different pace,

but a lonely cloud still remains.

The most distinct and precious,

the cloud decides to meander along the stars

Swimming around, casting glances back down at me

that lonely cloud extents his arms

And with one full motion he lifts my entire frame!

cold wet hands pulling my into the sky.

In the chill of this midnight air

we climb higher and higher.

Higher than most men see

or even dream

Me atop that lonely cloud, we dart

back and forth, dancing across constellations.

If only I could ask the cloud his name,

but too soon I find myself back on firm ground.

And to think, you sit inside

asleep, warm in bed.

Unbeknown to you

that lonely cloud still waits,

One day if you find that cloud,

make sure to ask him his name.

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