April 10, 2009
By pimpc BRONZE, McNeil, Arkansas
pimpc BRONZE, McNeil, Arkansas
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I am a work in progress
I am a seed growing into a flower
I am a storm getting stronger by the hour.
However its seems that I am the only one that feels this way.
I know I will never be the most beautiful girl in the world,
I think just being pretty should be enough.
But there are always people around to judge me,
my chest is to small, I talk to different, I am to tough.
They never realize that this who I am , but they always seem to find a way to
make me into what they think is better.
I don’t think I should have to camouflage myself to be your friend,
the way I do things shouldn’t matter.
They say you’ll never find true love with a mindset like that,
but the man can’t love me the way I am then I’d rather be alone.
I can not disown the beautiful person I am inside.
I get sick of being so nice all the time,
I can’t continue to allow my true feelings to hide.
But it is really funny they can pick out my flaws but their own they never seem to see.
They disown themselves just to be cute or cool, but I will stay true to myself and I will the winner in the last round.
This is because their outer beauty will fade in time but I will hold the true inner beauty crown.

The author's comments:
I wrote this poem because so many people including me at one point are so concerned about what people think. They never consider that the only option that matters is their own.

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