April 10, 2009
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Dawn with its sprinkles of light
Slipping between the fingers of her outstretched hands
Every particle that ever made its way down
Down, down, to the vast and looming fields of this earth.
The shine that erupts in a glow too blinding for her squinting eyes;
The light that is deemed harsh against the black background of humanity.

The light that falls in through the cracks of the shell that surrounds the dark world
The small rays that fall on the looming shadows of man,
The figures that would be non-existent were it not for that light and those shadows
And a perfect medley of each.

The dark and dirty cloth that surrounds this earth
Casting an ominous darkness over its inhabitants.
The stars illuminated from the outside by an unknowable source,
Their twinkles pouring in from between the close stitches.

The misfortunes that humanity endures
Caused by woman’s follies or man’s greed;
The constant blame and bickering that lead to nothing
With the absence of light do all things end.

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