Never Again

April 10, 2009
By Anonymous

Healed but exhausted sleeping peacefully,
Finally lulled to a slumber by the falling rain,
Frozen over by winters warm comforting embrace.
The pieces of the puzzle are now back in place,
Unnoticeable a small void had been created,
Painfully sweet and bitterly blind,
Only to be unlocked by a lost key.
The hovering night above lets the stars glower,
Who protectively marvel around the glowing moon,
Such is a bitter-sweet sight to me alone.
A rare peace gives rest to all,
But where the heart may sleep the soul rages on.
Playing blind t its wants and hurts,
Letting its call for another to be unheard, does the heart still sleep on?
The lost key secretly I hold tight,
Vowing to never let it belong to another,
Not even to you, the one called by my soul.
To prevent another fall from calm tranquility,
Wanting to never again feel that scorning hate,
Alone I’ll walk, alone down this worn road called life.

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