Their Own Love Story

April 10, 2009
By SoccerGrl517 SILVER, Hillsboro, Missouri
SoccerGrl517 SILVER, Hillsboro, Missouri
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Isn't it such a rush, when that perfect song comes on; soft and slow?
They start dancing slower
His heart and hers almost cease to beat, but keep beating in slow rhythmic thumps
They are in sync
As they peer into each other's eyes, the passion explodes in their gaze
No one else exists
Just one boy and one girl,
breathing steadily,
calm on the outside; a mess of passion, love, and admiration on the inside
She likes the way he holds her gently; close yet not too close
He likes the was she fits in his arms and the smell of her hair
The song ends
Their embrace lingers for a second more, but then their gaze breaks
Hands fall
All of the emotions held inside of them burst out
He slips his hand into hers; a perfect fit
She looks at him with a shy smile then looks away
He smiles back
In one simple gesture; he lifts her chin and leans down
Presses his lips softly onto hers
With one kiss, one song, and one dance
Two kids fall in love

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