Set To Rise

April 10, 2009
By Isaak DeMaio GOLD, Williamsville, New York
Isaak DeMaio GOLD, Williamsville, New York
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The mood is mellow
Red moves in
Mixed with some yellow
The light gets dim

The orange settles
Purple shades appear
Like steam from kettles
Clouds get in gear

There they sit
As the moon shines
Star light lit
Vital signs

No violence
In the cool summer night
Air filled with silence
Such a serene sight

Boy holds girl
Hand in hand
Let the wind whirl
No one night stand

Eye to eye
Don't dare to miss
To watch the sky
After the sweet, sweet kiss.

Darkness crawls out
Sun on the move
Boy's stature stout
With nothing left to prove

Streaks of rays
Glimmer of hope
Love that stays
No reason to mope

Jump start the sunrise
Take it careful, then soar
The eyes on the prize
To do it all over, once more

Girl's getting ready
Has been up since six
Life was all steady
Something that can't be gone to fix

A new day
Beginning the same way as before
Normalcy on display
Friends needed to implore

Change on the inside
Emotions enlarge
The sense of pride
Comes to take charge

Sense of jubilation
In the hearts astuteness
An overwhelming sensation
Can't be argued with acuteness

To lead with the mind
Choose from the heart
Two lovers entwined
That will never be ripped apart

From the sunset kiss
To their very last breaths
Their lives filled with bliss
Quietly to their deaths.

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