I just don't know

April 10, 2009
By Anonymous

I Just Don’t know

Freshmen….long way to go.
Three more years.
Where am I headed? I don’t know.

What will I get on my test?
It will determine my future.
Did I study enough? I don’t know.

To ask or not to ask,
That is the question.
What will she say? I don’t know.

Parents are annoying.
They ask too many questions.
They don’t want to hear, what they don’t know.

What will I be? I just don’t know.

Lego My Eggo


Open the freezer and get them out
Put them in the toaster
And take a shout

Put them on a plate
And butter ‘em up
Drizzle the syrup and eat ‘em up

Every morning and sometimes snack
I eat the whole waffles
I eat the WHOLE pack

Open the freezer but where did they go?
My brother stood snickering and mom yelled quick bickering


I should do that
I should do this
I don’t feel like it, I’ll do it later

That looks like fun
Maybe I’ll do that
Now I’m off track, I didn’t get it done

I don’t understand this
The answer isn’t clear
Maybe the answer is on you tube

No NO what am I thinking
I need to get back to work
But I think I’ll text instead

Math is due,
I need to get it done
But what about these singing monkies…

Jean Shopping

What’s in?
What’s out?
Low riders, Boot cut, Flare pants oh my!

Dark wash, Acid wash
Antique wash, distressed
What ever will I do?

Highwaters, Long…waters
Loose fit, Slim cut
Way too many choices…

Need my length
Need my width
Which pile is mine?

Dark wash, 30 32, straight loose cut, levis 569’s…
Got it, just right!
Out of stock!?! …Figures…

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