Someday You and Me

April 10, 2009
By AllieK BRONZE, Lake Villa, Illinois
AllieK BRONZE, Lake Villa, Illinois
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When the world is warm
And the flowers are full in bloom
You'll come to be with me
And finally you may see
All that I can be for you

When the days are long
And the sun shines brightly in the sky
You'll look at me the way I look at you
And see me the way that I see you
A beautiful person to me

When the full moon shines
And reflects beautifully on the sea
You'll look into my eyes, and say you love me
And tell me all that you want to be
And see I'd do anything for you

When my dreams have been realized
And everything is right with the world
You'll see deep within my heart is you
And know there's nothing I won't do
And just the same, love me

When the earth and heaven are one
And we all walk together hand in hand
You'll have a place in your heart for me
But for now, it's only just a dream
Until you see how I care for you

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