Black Rose

April 10, 2009
By darkauthor BRONZE, Oceana, West Virginia
darkauthor BRONZE, Oceana, West Virginia
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I sit in fear on my bed each night
Watching souls of the dead take flight
Holding onto hope with all my might
Trying not to let death rule the night
And after waiting so long, he appears in the doorway
His blue eyes from under thin glass stare my way
There we stay until his eyes seem to whisper to me
Saying lets go to the garden for a story
Standing by a bed of roses, he falls to his knees
Says he is dying and tells me to burie him here while the pain is at ease
Before dawn he was buried
and from dawn till dusk I dare not leave for I'm worried
Then that night I saw something forming
Out of the ground was a rose, so adoring
I knew it was him, it was he, showing that before he died that he loves me
This will be the only night the rose will grow
I pick it, for he wants me to, I know
I sat on my bed in fear that night
Watching the soul of his death take flight
It soars so freely to the sky
Even though he won't see me, I wave goodbye
And after thinking for so long
I decide not to let the rose go
This is the only night
I pick it
for my love wants me to
I know

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