Reasons of the Heart, Feels of the Mind

April 10, 2009
Beats of Fire
Placed on
Words of Wisdom
ALMOST a connection, a sense, a “touch”
Not necessarily
Yet almost enough
To send my thoughts of question
Deeper to dig into my curiosity
ALMOST enough to speed the rush
Of my heart
Speed the flow of butterflies
ALMOST enough to carve a smile
Into my face of stone
ALMOST enough to brighten my soul
ALMOST enough but not necessarily so
ALMOST enough to somebody know
Of this tightly kept secret
Of course he I told
The ache that comes along
Oh the frustration of it all!
Should I speak it?
Can I wing it?
Should I even think of it?
My mind tells me no
But the reasons of thought
And the emotion of feeling
Fall far not from the same apple tree

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