Looking Through The Glass Darkly

April 9, 2009
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(A Poem of Overcoming Depression)

With miles to drive on a cerebral highway
A road leads to the center of our hearts

A great empire of emotion exists where all good unflolds
Hitchhiking, we drag our knees through these bad lands
Sometimes hurting ourselves, simply to feel anything

Yet in the great Mecca of us
Our lives continue to shine

With cobwebbed eye, we see depression as an ailment
Taking medication, an affair with the puppets pulling the strings

Rising each morning, you seem to have forgotten that while sleeping
Rats of fear would flee from any bright light, memories held so warm
Ones so loved have become a part of you, inside a greater part of me

While in the great Mecca of Us
Our lives continue to shine

Dark and twisted thoughts arise, so spoiled I cut them off like a Cancer
It is simple how hope cna complete my core, potent in all hopeless days
Demons or not, I am so tired of screaming, as I hold on to life's glow

Thankful that in the great Mecca of us
Our lives continue to shine

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