April 9, 2009
By Anonymous

She walks down the hallway
Books in hand
Wondering what she’s done wrong
To get all these stares
And angry faces
If it’s her old stained shirt
Or her worn short pants
Or maybe it’s the knots in her hair
She walks even faster now
Hoping to get to class
And she almost runs into her classroom
Her safe haven
Where the teacher knows her
And is kind to her
And knows what’s going on
In her hectic life
And everyday welcomes her
With a smile
And asks her how she is
Who shoots her sympathetic looks
During class
And grades her homework lighter
The girl thanks the teacher
As she leaves the classroom
She walks fast again in the crowded hallway
Excited for tomorrow
For the class again
And the understanding teacher
And the girl doesn’t care
If her shirt is stained
Or her paints are too short
Or if her hair is knotted
She cares more about what is wrong
And why she is like this
Than the other students’ mean looks
So she runs to where is feels safe
And where the teacher knows where to find her
To help her
And then she thanks the teacher again
For understanding her
Because all she ever really wanted
Was to be understood.

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