Sixteen at the Sea

April 9, 2009
By Anonymous

I want the days to rewind,
The ocean views to never leave my mind.
I want my sunkissed hair to never fade,
With the sun brightening my eyes of jade.
I want the summer breeze to never die,
To lay in the lawn and simply stare at the sky.
I want the ocean waves to swell above me,
To always and forever be a child of the sea.
I want the sand to never wash from my toes,
even when the moon brightens and the sun goes.
But the times comes when I can no longer play like the mermaids at the shore
And tears will fall when summer love can be no more.
My crown of daises will begin to wilt,
And my life before me starts to tilt.
I yearn to forever live in my beach filled days of sixteen,
Although living life in slow motion is yet to be seen.

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