Pep Band

April 9, 2009
By Anonymous

I chose this. I’m a pep band member at my high school. I’m dressed in black from head to toe.
Before the game, Mr. Knopf, the band teacher, calls the pep band in for practice. Immediately, chaos begins. People start talking all at once either about life or the pep band music. The pep band leader Courtney takes control. Everybody quiets down and begins setting up the music. Within two minutes, everything is under control.
I can feel the music in the floor and listen intently for good tones. Courtney directs us the best she can. The music stops at the end of the song. Courtney and others mention places that we could fix and try again. We start at the beginning of the music. We play through it three more times. Then we start trying to keep everyone’s excitement level low so that we don’t get cocky before the game starts.

Now the game begins! Blood rushing up and down in a thumping motion with my heart. I hold a clarinet in my arms. Ears buzzing from excitement at the game. Drums booming and trumpets climbing high with jazzy sound. Chanting and cheering with my friends for our team. I raise my hands in the air showing support with a fist in the air. Go! Go! Go girls! Losing my voice in the roar of music and the cheers of the crowd. The shirts most fans are wearing showing support for their team. The cheerleaders doing their routine on the sidelines. Shouting cheers and swaying their hips. The teams’ shoes squeaking across the gym floor as they move to a distinct beat. No! I scream and shout as the buzzer screeches loudly.
A fierce growl of triumph echoes from the stands. Boos are heard from the opponents as the buzzer sounds. Up down up down. Side to side. The instruments move in sync. We blare my favorite pep band song. The opponent appears disappointed and heads for the door.
Arriving early and leaving late with my friends. Sacrificing my free time. This is one of the best ways to spend a Friday night.

The author's comments:
This is something I love doing

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