Do you really?

April 9, 2009
You said you were sorry, was it true
You said you were sorry, I believed you.
You touched me, you kissed me,
You hugged me, you missed me.
I told you I liked you,
You told me the same,
We can't be together
And you are to blame.
I told you my thoughts,
I told you my feelings.
I showed you my smile
I showed you how much you mean.
I cried for you, but not out of love
I cried for you, when push became shove.
You never forced me to do anything,
Yet I felt I needed to so it could be the same.
All that you said, I feel that they're lies,
Everything you said, never made me cry.
It was what you didn't say,
That makes me feel this way
I thought you cared for me,
I really did,
I thought you cared for me,
Once again.
But each and every time I cried
I thought of every time you lied.
I was the only one trying,
But I wasn't the only one crying.
We weren't crying for the same reasons,
No, we were crying because everyone's leaving.
You left me, she left you,
And all you had to do was choose.
Yet it was just too hard,
For you to just choose one,
So you jumped around like a guy in a bar.
You "cheated," you lied,
I like you and tried.
I tried to make it work,
Honestly I did,
I tried to make it work,
But you're just a pig.
I despised you at first,
But that didn't work,
So then and there is where our friendship did burst.
Now we're just friends
and this is the end
of our single relationship
that consisted of things we never did.

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