Not enough.

April 9, 2009
By Alexia SILVER, Shelton, Washington
Alexia SILVER, Shelton, Washington
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I could have the nicest clothes the best hair and be as perfect as possible for you,

I could walk right by you in the hall and you wouldn't have a clue,

I could cry every night but you would never know, the pain I feel is to much to bare,

I'm sad all the time I cant even smile I cant even be happy it's so unfair,

I could paint my nails and dye my hair,

But you would still deny the love that we share,

You'll never ever know my pain,

When you said you regretted kissing me in the rain,

You will never know how deep the hole is that you dug in my heart,

It was like you grabbed hold of it and tore it apart,

I would trade an entire lifetime for a few minutes with you,

If you ever said you loved me again my heart would be brand new,

I remember when you grabbed hold of my face,

You kissed me so passionately with your hands around my waist,

You used to be every part of my life,

Now every time I hear your name it's like I've been stabbed with a knife,

Whenever I try to run away from my past,

It ends up catching up with me incredibly fast,

I sit up in my bed and gently sigh,

Right then a small tear escapes from my eye,

It's hard not to be in love with you,

I remember you called me cupcake and i called you boo,

You will never know how much I want to be your everything,

I thought maybe even one day I would wear your wedding ring,

I remember sitting in the trees with the rain pouring on my face,

If you would have said sorry everything would have been the same,

I've always tried to get through this and be tough,

But it's obvious I will never ever truly be enough.

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