The Fat Guy in the Red Suit

April 9, 2009
Every Year I make a wish,
For that one most Fantastic gift,
I leave out a glass of milk,
A plate of cookies in a dish.

I be as good as I can be,
And as nice as my might,
I make sure my halo is always repaired,
And the devil horns are out of sight.

I sleep at night with dreams of cheer,
To wake up in the morning to find the gift I hold dear,
I wake up in the morning and the cookies and milk are still there,
Then my imagination starts to wonder,
"Was he really here?".

I look under the tree,
And see that all the gifts were there,
Everything but one...
The one I hoped for all year!

That fat guy in the red suit really made my day!
Christmas was over for me...
Well at least I got some things.
But the one thing I wanted was the Patrick Star CD,
With all the songs I'd like to play.

Boy, that fat guy is going to pay!

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