She Grows Up

April 8, 2009
she grows up,
she grows up mentialy beated and brused,
it's a wonder she even survived,
it's a wonder she even survived being shut out by family and having no friends,
she was always bullied,
she was always bullied where ever she went,
she slowly slipped into a depresion,
she slowly slipped into a coma of blinding torment and muted by the yelling and rage,
she is forced,
forced to do many things on her own with no help from others,
where were the supports,
where were her supports when her world was falling and crumbling down,
she only had two loves,
music and writing,
writing the wrong,
singing through the pain,
she sobs alone,
so alone and drowning in her own bloody tears,
wishing she could have a life like her peers,
wishing for family and friends,
she grows up more,
she grows up and hopes and dreams life could get better,
what does she do if it only gets worse?
when it only gets worse it has to get better,

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AliceFalling said...
Dec. 4, 2009 at 2:08 pm
This is deep... and emotional.. I liked it!
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