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April 8, 2009
By Victoria Jones SILVER, Jacksonville, Florida
Victoria Jones SILVER, Jacksonville, Florida
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If a tree fall in the forest and no one is around to hear does it make a sound

What is sound
Is sound defined with what’s heard
Of course it make a sound
If you can't hear it
is it a sound
Is sound only what’s heard
If a girl scream across the world
and you can't hear it
it's still a sound
Maybe I’m wrong
but is sound only what's heard
and do we only hear sounds
If a coin drops in a room full of deaf people
is it still a sound if no one can hear it
Is the sun not there
for a blind person
Everything that’s here is it there
because we see it
If that true
than are there things
beyond what we see
Can't a blind person
know the sun is there
Can't a deaf person
feel the words people say
If you can't feel the rain
is it still there
Do touching
Really give meaning and shape

If you can't see the tears
it doesn’t meant their not crying
f you can't hear the pain
in their voice it doesn’t mean
it's not there
Just because you can't feel the pain
Someone else feels
it doesn’t mean it's not there

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