Forgive, But Don't Forget

April 8, 2009
By Snickersnap BRONZE, Auxvasse, Missouri
Snickersnap BRONZE, Auxvasse, Missouri
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This is the hardest thing I have ever had to write...
This being painful, happen, it might.
Whilst you may not want this to be true,
I cannot deny the honesty I irreversibly owe you.

Please forgive me for I did not plan for this to happen.

I shall not lie to you about it,
For that would be a folly too terrible to commit.
When we first met I thought nothing of a relationship.
I looked upon your pool of beauty not once thinking to take a sip.

However just a year in the offing there would be a change.

We began passing those calculator messages to and fro.
Smiling and laughing, 'twas quite the show.
Then all it took was just one eventful dance
To show us just what we wanted and we established our stance.

Whilst being quite the experience, twas short lived, you and I.

To quote the clichés,
and with these realizations bringing forth to me great dismays,
“Nothing lasts forever” and “All good things must end”,
My broken heart, I began to mend.

The months passed, causing tension and turmoil between us.

Then something changed between us once more,
But this time around it hit us right at the core.
We started to telephone for hours upon themselves.
We finally took initiative, retrieving our hearts from their shelves.

This end of our story now finds itself in our current proximity.

I apologize endlessly for these words I am forced to speak.
For there is no avoidance of the words that render my knees weak.
I emphasize that this is the hardest thing I have had to write,
but to be the easiest thing to say to you, it might.

I love you.

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