The subconscious

April 8, 2009
By Anonymous

I’ am a soul.

Wandering within a dream.

Wonderful Dreams.
It’s like Mother Earth.
Changing every hour into something new. Little by Little we see the sun change, as in the dream. I ‘ am walking on the sandy beach with mountains charbroiled tundra reminding me of Hawaii, and the palm tree’s grow within the shady mist.

My thoughts are like a river flowing in the midnight summer.

Hot and cold are no longer segregated. In seconds, the construction of an unknown world is at play. I am the host with the people as my audience. Like unimaginable imagery, I see the stars as translucence clouds as the white digital ships land in the ocean.

Massive as mountains they stay on the coast line in through unknown void of imagination. I’ve seen this already but this time I want it to last a little longer.

I’m a dream, and everything I do is as meaningless as the void.
The void of imagination. I change due to commands of endless thought. They call me Subconscious. But I’ am the endless day. Sleep is never too long. The Brain sleeps but the hours continue. I’ am powerful concept and a guide for humankind.

Others dreams are straight forward and nothing abnormal.

Based on the mind of the soul, I’ am to become.

Fantasy leaves the strongest dreams, and dreams grow as you read books.

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By Joshua

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